Tamara Estes

I’ve wanted to set up a shoot with my good friend Tami for almost a year now. She has a lot of experience working as a nude art model for painters and life drawing classes, but this was her first time posing for the sole purpose of photography. Likewise, nudes are far outside my usual range of experience, so I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with her and try something new together.

A major component of this assignment was to use continuous light sources instead of flashes, which in this case were two Kinoflos and a Mole Richardson hot-light. They took some getting used to, but the lights worked exceptionally well, and produced some of the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen. Sincere thanks to Jesse Coble Studios for letting me use his awesome new office-studio, and of course, special thanks to Tami for being every bit a much a part of this shoot as myself.

Class: Advanced Lighting / Paul Meyer