Q & A with Jesse Groves

On art, creativity, and value

Jesse is a photographer and Gallery Curator living in Southern California who believes that photography is a wonderful dialogue of intentions. As a photographer Jesse has completed work for Carpinteria Magazine, Chumash Magazine, Hillary Duff Clothing, JDK Design, NPR, Orange County Register, Santa Barbara New-Press, and Terry Bicycles. As a curator Jesse has mounted over 100 exhibitions including exhibits for Nick Brandt, Keith Carter, Jonas Jungblut, Luceo Images, Terrance Reimer, Todd Roeth, and many student and group exhibitions for Brooks Institute.

I’ve had the pleasure in my time at Brooks to share some really great talks with Jesse. Not only is he a brilliant curator/editor, he is always quick to deliver thoughtful, articulate insights into the human experience. If you ask me, the best way to make a portrait of a man like Jesse isn’t necessarily with a camera, but through the medium of conversation. He spoke with me about his experiences as a working artist, the influences that have helped shape his point of view, and the challenges of overcoming self-doubts.

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