The Hum of the Hive

Danny Terhaar, age 45, has been an organic beekeeper for two years. He’s responsible for nearly 50 hives spread over several locations from Carpinteria up to Thousand Oaks. Recently, he’s started up Bees and Beyond – a bee rescue company. Bees and Beyond offers humane swarm removal services to areas around Ventura county. Rather than exterminating the hive, Terhaar relocates the bees to a new home in his yard or with other local beekeepers.

“Shoeboxing” is a term my good friend Ben Morris coined to describe the tendency photographers have to let their work gather dust on their hardrives, and I couldn’t be more guilty of it in this case.  I produced this project several months ago, but for whatever reason I never got around to actually posting it until now. Despite my inherent fear of them, I had developed a sudden fascination with bees, so I did a search for some local beekeepers online. I was fortunate enough to find Danny’s website, and he was kind enough to let me come by. Danny’s easily one of the nicest people I’ve ever me, and I mean that sincerely. Even his bees were polite.

Class: Natural History Photography / Ralph Clevenger